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Peculiarity of the activity of the Charity Fund of the Hospital to them. Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky from the beginning of existence and to this day is the observance of the idea of ​​his patron regarding the fundamental principle of the institution's activities, namely, the provision of integral medical care for the most vulnerable groups of the population. The hospital continues the tradition of holistic care for the sick, involving, in addition to medical workers, a priest - a medical chaplain, a psychologist, a social worker.

Statutory goals:

· Medical activity;

· Social service;

· Scientific and practical activities;

· Development of public health programs;

· Development of medical volunteering.

Sources of funding:

· International, national, local grants and projects;

· Private donations from philanthropists;

· Social entrepreneurship:  patients pay for medical / social services for themselves and make a contribution of 5 to 10% (included in the price of the service) in favor of charity.

Activities today:

· Consultative and diagnostic department: 30 doctors;

· Laboratory: 5 employees;

· Palliative care unit: 40 beds;

· Department of hemodialysis - up to 8 jobs;

· Mobile palliative care: palliative care at home in Lviv;

· Mental Health Center: psychological, psychotherapeutic, spiritual care, psychiatrist counseling - work with nervous disorders, depression, PTSD in the military;

· Home Care Project - social care of single socially disadvantaged persons at home;

· Rehabilitation equipment loan program.

Charity programs helps:

· The victims on the Maidan,

· ATO participants and their families,

· Internally displaced persons,

· Socially disadvantaged persons,

· People with disabilities and their families,

· Students, seminarians,

· The clergy.

Development Program 2019-2021

· Emergency medical care;

· Opening of the department of physio and ergotherapy;

· Resumption of operations of the surgical department, suspended in 2013;

· Development of a permanent program of short-term training of public and private medical staff in different directions by increasing cooperation with foreign medical establishments, university clinics.

General information about  Sheptytsky Hospital

Number of staff 120 employees
The annual budget of 2019 is over UAH 13 million

International cooperation

A 5-year partnership agreement has been signed with the St. Luke's Clinic in Altenburg, Germany. A total of 40,000 euros from GIZ was won to create a team of multipliers in the Hospital for research and practice in the field of ergotherapy, psychotherapy, and nursing.
Total number of foreign donors in the last 5 years: more than 20 institutions

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