Realizing that no organization or sector can solve the most challenging challenges in the world, Sheptytsky Hospital is actively seeking to build partnerships that utilize combined skills, assets, technologies and resources from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to ensure sustainable development. Such partnerships allow us to achieve greater cooperation than we could work on our own.

Building a partnership with us begins by defining a common vision of what we want to achieve together, and then jointly creating a partnership that embraces the respective strengths of the various partners. We believe that the most effective partnerships are those that share the risks, responsibilities and rewards of the core interests of all involved parties.

We are delighted to work in partnership with various partners - large multinational corporations, local businesses, universities, foundations, non-governmental organizations, diaspora groups, partners in the country, government agencies and other donors - to really transform people's lives around the world.

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Our Partners

Partnership is the key to success!

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