Catering company "Sheptytsky" was founded in 2018. We organize delivery of breakfast, tenants and parties in offices in Lviv and for our own needs.
"Sheptytsky" - a team of professionals in the field of catering. For the duration of the market period we will rely on trust among our clients without serious and qualitative dishes.
For cooking we use only fresh food and natural spices. We do not use semi-finished products and flavor additives.
The menu of delivery to you is waiting for more than 200 countries of the world! Our kitchens, who have cooking techniques not only traditional, but also original and extremely flavorful fears that have decisive problems.
A large assortment of dishes is constantly growing. To make your daily food entertaining and diverse, the menu has a variable - that is, a new life; Complex lunches at the best price for business lunches!

Lunch is delivered in isothermal containers, namely fresh fresh and first dishes are hot, and salads and drinks are cooled.

A convenient arrangement of orders, timely delivery, a large portion, all this and more - that's why the dinner from Sheptytsky became an integral part of the working day of several hundred official employees in Lviv. And also we are organizing a voluntary initiative if you have a room of at least 40 m2.

Our Partners

Partnership is the key to success!
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