A volunteer who wants to help is a person who, freely and without pursuing any mercenary purposes, is engaged in activities for the benefit of society. Such person is endowed with features of kindness, politeness, ability to communicate, desire to change the world for the better. She has an active life position. If you are such a person, welcome to visit the Hospital. Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

Palliative care volunteer

 Volunteerfor household work

Volunteer of the HomeCare Project

  • communication with patients of the palliative care unit
  • organization of activities in the palliative department: singing, dancing, painting, photographing, modeling, reading, moving, etc.
  • Professional advice and service provision:
    • Doctor
    • rehab (for palliative care)
    • Massage Therapist (for palliative care)
    • Aromatherapy (for palliative care)
  • Services by the interior designer
  • Landscape designer
  • plumbing
  • Wizard for repairing TVs, radios, refrigerators and other home appliances
  • communicating with patients
  • Household Assistance

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