Mental Health Center

The Mental Health Center has been operating at Sheptytsky Hospital since 2014. It was created at the beginning of hostilities in the East of Ukraine, so we already have experience working with temporarily displaced persons and the military. Our therapists and psychologists work with post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, survivor syndrome, etc ..

Sheptytsky Hospital is currently actively providing psychological and psychotherapeutic support to the families of internally displaced persons with children and all those in need who have experienced the loss of a home or family in places of temporary residence.

The staff of the Center will be happy to talk to you and help to understand your questions and problems.

For more detailed information and registration call: (098) 274-56-91


Care Providers

We have a great team of highly skilled, extensively experienced, and incredibly motivated care providers. We maintain an unparalleled track record to match your expectations, needs and the standards. Meet our care providers here.
Gryb Ivan

Gryb Ivan

medical chaplain

Vorona Olena

Vorona Olena


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