Palliative Care Department

There is a department of palliative care in the hospital. The main purpose of palliative care is to maintain the quality of life in its final stage, alleviate the physical and moral suffering of the patient and his loved ones, as well as to preserve the human dignity of the patient at the end of earthly life.

Professional care for terminally ill patients is a topical issue in the Lviv region. A prolonged round-the-clock burn of a terminally ill person in a place of residence is often a burdensome burden for relatives, because, in addition to physical activity, spiritual and psychological stress is added, and often there is a problem of lack of knowledge and basic skills for the care of patients lying.

In the palliative department, our employees provide professional medical assistance, as well as a priest, social worker, and psychologist who are concerned about overcoming the spiritual and psychological challenges that arise not only in the patients of the department but even in their relatives.

The provision of palliative care is based on the principles of availability, high quality, ethical and humane treatment of the patient and his family members. This involves daily monitoring of a patient's condition and the use of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic methods when changing his condition.

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