Our Team

Ihor (Voznyak) - archbishop of Lviv Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church since 2005, Metropolitan of Lviv from 2011.

Taras Soroka - Chief Freelance Expert Specialist of the Department of Health of the Lviv Regional State Administration in the specialty "Vascular Surgery". Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery and Transplantation of the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital

Father Volodymyr Olshanetskyi — administrator of the Temple of All Saints of the Ukrainian People, economist of the Lviv Archaeoparque of the UGCC.

Andriy Khudo — one of the founders of the Emotion Holding "! FEST" - a network of creative restaurants and projects with original concepts.

Father doctor Andriy Lohin - СЕО, Head of Charitable Foundation “Sheptytskyi Hospital".

Velhush Roksolana - Medical Director .

Prezliata Halyna - Chief Accountant

Our Partners

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