Collected: $0.00
Goal: Unlimited
#Шпиталь_дарує_шанс Шпиталь Шептицького спільно із «Szpital na Klinach» запускає новий важливий проєкт для підтримки жінок із діагнозами раку шийки матки та ендометрію! Операції відбуватимуться за допомогою  інноваційного хірургічного комплексу Da Vinci, що відзначається високою...

Post-COVID Patients Rehabilitation Program

Collected: $20000.00
Goal: $20000.00
Rehabilitation Program for Post-COVID Patients COVcheg COVID-19 infection has affected most of the population through airborne, airborne, and contact spread. In some cases, it is asymptomatic, but often develops pneumonia and respiratory failure. Other systems, such as the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, are also affected. In such cases, long-term follow-up and recovery is required after treatment to prevent and detect possible complications. Who needs rehabilitation after coronavirus: Recovery...


Collected: $68900.00
Goal: $200000.00
Благодійна програма COVчег. Мета: проведення медико-соціальних, психологічних протиепідеміологічних заходів, які сприяють максимальному дотриманню умов карантину/самоізоляції для категорій людей, які належать до груп ризику, та підтримка медичного персоналу, який працює...

Зіркова Карета

Collected: $5000.00
Goal: $90000.00
Стань чарівником для дитини! Допоможи здійснити мрії наших підопічних! Проект допомагає відчути справжнє щастя тим, хто найбільше цього потребує! . Це своєрідна психотерапія, справді потрібна і дітям, і їхнім рідним, і лікарям. Серед наших підопічних є дітки зі складними діагнозами...

Гарячі обіди для соціально-незахищених мешканців Львова

Collected: $15000.00
Goal: $25000.00
Проект «Забезпечення гарячого харчування для людей з обмеженими можливостями в місцях їх проживання » є структурним  підрозділом Благодійної установи Шпиталь імені Митрополита Андрея Шептицького, створеним з метою надання безкоштовної соціальної допомоги одиноким людям...

Public health project

Collected: $1000.00
Goal: $15000.00
Hospital to them Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky began a new program of his activity: "Health care for the socially unprotected people of the Lviv region". Hospital Sheptytsky has been taking care not only of patients from the city of Lviv since its inception, but patients from the most remote corners of Lviv oblast come to help. Observations by physicians that rural patients have greater health problems has prompted the administration of the Hospital to create a new medical program that would allow...

Project for formation of space for conducting scientific and practical activity

Collected: $30000.00
Goal: $850000.00
We aim to carry out a number of large-scale reconstruction works and to improve the conceptual content of our Foundation. These changes are aimed at improving the infrastructure and filling the Hospital. Planned to open: conference room Training & Workshop Area Reception arrangement Setting up administration cabinets

Opening of a modern surgical department

Collected: $40000.00
Goal: $350000.00
What we want: operating unit, designed according to international requirements and equipped with the latest generation of surgical facilities; high-tech, low-traumatic surgery; ultrasound and X-ray monitoring during surgery unique surgical laser techniques; the ability to organize video consultations during operations Collaboration with specialists from leading European clinics. iddilennya operating unit and intensive care unit will be equipped with the latest life-support...

Creating a new laundry

Collected: $7500.00
Goal: $72000.00
Adherence to the high level of hygiene and sanitary standards is an integral part of the care of patients in the department of palliative care and the project " Home care"   Sheptytsky Hospital, as it is people with bedsores and ulcerative open wounds that are difficult to treat. In the walls of our institution, the style, traditions and peculiarities of the organization of providing social, medical and psychological services aimed at a holistic approach to the patient and preserving the dignity...

Creation of a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities

Collected: $30000.00
Goal: $110000.00
The purpose of the arrangement of the premises is to establish a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities and temporary impairment of health , which will provide a full range of rehabilitation services. Premises will be arranged in such a way as to provide the following services: Survey, examination and counseling of persons with disabilities and persons with a temporary disability, Selection of auxiliary and technical vehicles Making and selecting compensators Developing programs...

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